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Whether you’re an experienced CrossFit athlete or just getting started Pure Force Fitness is for you.

Here at Pure Force Fitness, we take pride in being technically sound and safe. New members are taught the fundamental movements of CrossFit step by step ensuring proper form throughout the lift. Our coaching staff is committed to ensuring all athletes maintain proper form throughout the movement.


Still not sure if CrossFit is for you? Try a class for free, no experience is needed. We can modify any of the exercises to your level of fitness. One of our coaches will be there to help you throughout the workout.

So, see what all the talk is about and give it a try.

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Here at Pure Force Fitness, we take pride in being technically sound and safe. Every New Member will be scheduled an Intro. Session. A simple run down of rules / foundation / assessment & what to expect in each CrossFit class through our programming. You will be introduced to the fundamental CrossFit movements and learn proper technique so that you can be safe and feel ready when jumping into our group classes.

Email us at or call on 630-848-7000 to schedule your foundations with us today at your convenience!


It consists of a brief explanation of what CrossFit is along with a workout.

Can’t make it in for the free trial class? Call us, e-mail us, or stop by and we will get you started!


After completing the CrossFit Intro. Session cycle you are now able to take part in our regular group classes! See our schedule for hours.

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