Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting 

Class starts Monday March 6th and ends Saturday June 3rd.

We strongly reccomend participants to attend two or more classes per week.

Course will cover Olympic and accessory lifts used by professional athletes world wide to develop strength, power, speed, and flexibility.

Lifts that will be covered:

  • The clean, power clean, and hang clean
  • The snatch, power snatch, and hang snatch
  • Squatting movements: Overhead squat, front squat, and back squat
  • Strict press and push press
  • Dead lifts and Romanian dead lift (RDL)

Plyometric work.

  • Box jumps, box squat jumps, and back squat jumps.

Athletes are encouraged to attend at least two sessions per week.


Youth athlete $95.00 per month
 Adult accompanying youth athlete $70.00 per month
 Adult without athlete $115.00 per month